Abstract Series 2

Abstract Series 2
After a few years hiatus, I felt the need to paint once again. Art for me comes in waves, whether it's inspired by my surroundings and doing photography, or putting a brush to a canvas as releasing my need to create via brush strokes. I set off to complete some abstracts, a continuation of my first series many years ago. When I stepped back and compared to my first group - I noticed how the strokes and colours I used were bolder and more pronounced - yet similar in that I choose to layer colours upon colours.

The canvases in Series 2 are small - between six to ten inches. This is my preference when doing bold colours, to work in small canvases, so that each canvas can be an "ah-ha" in a decor. Something small to add colour or interest to a gallery wall, or propped up on a bookshelf. Layering with pieces you love is my motto, and I'm honoured if any of my pieces become part of your layers in your home. xo Lindsay

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