Lindsay Stephenson is a Canadian designer, artist and business woman that has product lines in retailers across North America. Over the last decade she has grown her business from a personalized stationery company, to a company that licences artwork, sells to world class companies, has been a keynote speaker on design. From stationery to bedding, wall art, photography and accessories, Lindsay’s work is known for being playful and bright in colour and design. Lindsay and her work have been featured in numerous international publications such as Today’s Parent magazine, Pregnancy Magazine, Style at Home Magazine, on HGTV, and in newspapers such as The Globe and Mail, and The National Post.

Lindsay is the founder of Charlie Pickles and The Penny Paper Co.  and lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband Aubrey and their son. 

"I have an intense passion to create. The result is that I create multiple things as my life unfolds - I create products, lifestyle products - which fall under a business umbrella. But I also love to create in more ways such as paint and, do photography. Walking down the street, I'll look at worn down homes and instantaneously start to concoct ideas on how to transform them, how to create a beautiful building. Many people know me for my products in which I create that you find in retail stores, but my passions are ever changing and I'm adding to my portfolio of creativity."

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